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Moon Mehta loves an audience, and today he has a captive one. The team from his multi-faceted company, Mpire Creative, have assembled for a quarterly summit meeting at his West Norwalk Connecticut studio. “There are many interesting brands out there, many of them our clients”, Mehta says, “but what is it that we bring to the table to differentiate them from the rest? I won’t settle for average.” What’s clear is that his revolutionary spirit is infectious, as this collected think-tank of artists, marketers, writers and producers are filled with enthusiasm and rapt with attention. It’s this sort of free-thinking ideation that has made Mpire a respected name across a wide array of industries.

A product is more than its physicality or what it does to stand out. It needs to feel new, smell different, and ultimately touch your soul.

AriZona Iced Tea, Showtime Networks, Bethenny Frankel, and the restaurant Sushi Nakazawa are just some of the diverse imprints touched by the Mpire experience, and Mehta makes it clear that your brand is more than a logo or slogan — “it’s the most valuable asset on your balance sheet.” He knows that a strong brand identity reflects a business’ core values and shapes how consumers perceive and interact with a product; it’s the blueprint that guides consistent, effective messaging across web, print, and social media.

Consumers are inundated with promotional messaging on a daily basis; that’s why it’s more essential than ever that a business deliver targeted communications that resonate on an emotional level.

The reach of Mehta’s team is from New York City to South Beach, London to Los Angeles, but from the boardroom to the dance floor. “Ultimately what we produce is a manifestation of culture”, he says passionately, “My team is in the streets. We are instinctive”.


Whether it’s as simple as a compelling logo or an experiential activation, originality is key. “The zeitgeist doesn’t dictate what’s relevant,” he says, “we do”.

We offer a multi-dimensional approach to brand strategy, delivering custom solutions that cut through the noise and capture your audience through targeted visual communications and content. We’ll help you spark an ongoing dialogue with the consumer that drives actions and ultimately, sales.

Technology continues to drive economic growth. It changes, not only how consumers interact with your brand, but also how they shop and make purchasing decisions. More than ever, the success of your business hinges on how quickly you can embrace new digital media and fully engage consumers both online and off.

Our team leverages a deep understanding of technology to deliver custom digital solutions that optimize consumer interaction. We conceptualize and engineer new possibilities that operate seamlessly across interactive channels – from mobile and email, to social and web. Together, this effective blend will inspire consumers to create, connect, and share on a global platform.

In the digital age, face-to-face engagements play a critical role in creating new impressions and enhancing brand recognition. Mpire offers a full-service approach to event consulting, driving real business results by placing your product, service, or brand message directly into the hands of consumers.

From pop-up shops and launch parties, to festivals, mobile tours and guerrilla marketing events, we conceptualize, activate, and implement tangible, interactive experiences that touch your consumer personally.

Consumers are inundated with promotional messaging on a daily basis. That’s why it’s more essential than ever that your business deliver targeted communications that resonate on an emotional level. While paid advertisements can go a long way in building your customer base, certain unpaid media placements – a funny video, an inspiring article, or a quirky tweet – offer the kind of credibility that traditional advertising can’t buy.

We know that emotions drive action, and we’ll help you create newsworthy storylines, eye-catching visuals, and opportunities that speak to what your audience cares about.

Your brand’s unique and authentic visual identity needs to resonate in a landscape of changing markets and consumer tastes. Distinct packaging is key to communicating a product’s personality in a compelling and influential way. Moon Mehta and our team are well-versed in the art of product positioning and always present exceptional, sometimes provocative, (but always authentic) packaging designs. We navigate global trends so you don’t have to.

We deliver innovative outreach strategies via traditional and social channels that inspire discovery. We know that emotions drive action, and we’ll help you create newsworthy storylines, eye-catching visuals, and engagement opportunities that speak to what your audience cares about — and to the heart of your brand.


- Coco Chanel


We are not only a creative services agency; we are an innovative think-tank offering a strategic approach to brand and business development. We don’t just conceptualize, strategize, design, and implement award-winning creative solutions, we deliver sustainable growth with high-impact, revenue-generating results.

We live innovation and we make it look easy.


- Ian Schrager


We represent a diverse roster of clients — established global brands, emerging start-ups, service industries, and small local businesses — and they all understand that a willingness to take risks is essential to innovation and productivity. Our clients insist on fresh, new ideas that differentiate their products and make them stand out.

We’ve got the magic; our collaborative ideation process is a well-oiled machine that runs best when working with forward-thinking, like-minded visionaries who value the expertise and strategic approach we bring to the table.Sound like a good fit? Give us your toughest challenge; share what keeps you up at night. In turn, we’ll deliver smart, effective solutions that propel your business to the next level.

Together, we’ll build an Mpire. mpire_creative_crown_icon_text



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